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Bronze Turkeys

bronze 5_edit.jpg

For farmers that want a more traditional bird, this bronze turkey is an excellent choice. As the name suggests, the feathers on this beautiful bronze turkey shimmer in the sunlight. This robust bird will thrive indoors or outside. 

Poults Eggs
Bronze $6.75 $4.08

White Turkeys

photo by Champoeg Farm

photo by Champoeg Farm


Our White turkey likes to strut around the barnyard displaying its bright white plumage. It’s ideal for producing a beautiful whole bird because white feathers leave an unblemished skin. This robust turkey will grow well both indoors or outside.t.

Poults Eggs
White $3.75 $1.80

Black Turkeys


Our Black turkeys are a striking addition on the farm. They have a deep, rich color that goes from their head to their toes. This turkey’s history makes it ideal for the farmer looking for a traditional turkey.

Black turkeys originated in Mexico and were taken to England in the 16th Century where they became popular with the local farmers. The early colonists took them back to the New World to raise for food. The turkey consumed at the first Thanksgiving may actually have been one of these rather than a native wild turkey.

Poults Eggs
Black $7.25 $4.59