Valley of the Moon Turkeys Q & A

Are you a 4-H or FFA member?

Send inquiries to  to confirm small quantities.

Do you sell turkeys year-round?

We are able to supply white poults and eggs year round. Our bronze and black poults/eggs are sold on a seasonal basis, February-August.

Can I order a variety of poults?

A variety of poults can be ordered, but we do have a 20 poult minimum.

What is the minimum order for poults?

The minimum order for poults is 20.  

What is the minimum order for eggs?

The minimum order for eggs is 200. 

What days of the week do you ship?

Our hatch days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This allows us to hatch your poults and get them sent out early in the week to avoid any weekend shipping.

 Where do you ship?

We ship to 49 states, only omitting Hawaii.  

What is the shipping & handling cost?

Shipping and handling costs will vary depending on where you are located and the quantity of poults/eggs you are looking to order. Find our shipping prices in the ā€œPlace your order??ā€ tab on our website.

 What happens if there is a high number of mortality during shipping?

We do always try to send enough free of charge with each order to cover any potential mortality that may occur in transit. If mortality is to exceed the free of charge number we will send replacements pending availability. We must be notified within 24 hours of arrival with as much detail as possible (pictures, videos, etc.). We do not accommodate any mortality past 24 hours. Buyer will be responsible for the additional shipping costs.  

Do our birds reproduce naturally?

Our birds are not naturally mated. . We use artificial insemination to maximize the output of fertile eggs and to ensure adequate supply